About KMC

For Preterm/Low Birthweight Babies

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Lives saved by KMC
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Less risk of death due to COVID-19 infection

What is KMC?

KMC is placing your baby so that the skin on his/her chest and tummy is in contact with the skin on your chest, for at least an hour, ideally several times a day. Its key features are: 

You may have heard of kangaroo mother care expressed in other ways such as KMC, kangaroo care, KC or even kangaroo father care.

KMC at birth and thereafter

Best done as soon as possible after birth for a few weeks. Read more….

KMC and breastfeeding

With KMC, your baby breastfeeds directly from the breasts more successfully and you produce more milk. Read more

Home KMC

Baby would love it if you continue KMC at home. Read more….

History of KMC

There are a number of important milestones in the history of Kangaroo Mother Care. These milestones started with traditional beginnings and have progressed to what is now international endorsement.  Read more….