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We invite articles and feedback from readers. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, or any issues regarding the website, or questions about KMC, please contact us via email at  enquiries@kangaroomothercaremalaysia.net

We would love to hear your stories !

Please share your stories. You can share by either writing a short story, making a voice recording or just simply showing photos of you and your child (with captions). We would like to publish your stories in our webpage for everyone to learn.

  • Your experiences
  • How well are you supported to do KMC?
  • How you come to know about it
  • How can KMC practices be improved?
  • Things you would like to get rid of
  • Things you would like to introduce
  • Things you would like to keep / remain 

Together with all parents in Malaysia, we would like to hear from you. Please share your stories. We would like to publish your stories in our webpage for everyone to learn.

  • Your experiences in promoting the care
  • Your suggestions that you would like to see a change
  • Existing support for kangaroo mother care at your hospital or clinic

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About the webpage and KAMY
The kangaroomothercaremalaysia.net website is published firstly to provide information to Malaysian parents about KMC.. We hope that it will also serve as a bridge between parents and healthcare workers by giving you (parents) information that you can use to approach healthcare staff and request KMC for your baby  in the hospital, at home, and even when you are not at home. In addition, we also hope that this information can be used by anyone interested in to advocate for KMC to be normal practice for all parents and their babies.  We will also use this website to keep you informed about any new research and other developments in KMC and breastfeeding. Kangaroo Mother Care Advocates Malaysia (KAMY) was formed on 23 March 2017 by a group of healthcare workers to promote and support Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) in Malaysia. The initial intention was to support preterm newborns but in keeping with current research, our advocacy has grown to include all newborns: preterm or term, well or ill, in a hospital or at home. KAMY is currently based at RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) in Penang, Malaysia but we have members in every state.  You are welcome to join us. We are particularly interested to welcome parents into KAMY.   For more information about KAMY, please email enquiries@kangaroomothercaremalaysia.net

We would like to acknowledge Prof. Jacqueline J. Ho for inspiring KAMY to reach out to the public by creating this webpage. 

We also thank all parents who consented to have their photos in this website. We also thank Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation, Bogota, Colombia; Fabella Hospital, Manila; Kangaroo Mother Care Foundation Philippines; and KMC Foundation India for the use of some of their photos in this website. Last but not least, we thank all the parents and healthcare workers who have shared their stories about KMC with us. 

This website is funded from the prize money of Cochrane’s Anne Anderson Award which was awarded to Prof Jacqueline J Ho in 2021. The prize money was given to Dr Foong Wai Cheng, the initiator of KAMY, to develop this website because of the strong evidence provided by the Cochrane review on Kangaroo Mother Care which showed that KMC not only increased the survival of preterm infants, it also had a lot of very important benefits to babies and their families. We thank Cochrane for this funding.




All the information published on this website, or in any article herein is true and accurate to the best of the contributor’s knowledge. Information on this site should not be a substitute for seeking medical advice. No liability is assumed by KAMY for losses suffered by any person or organisation for relying directly or indirectly on information published on this site. Views expressed in any article are the views of the individual contributor. Information appearing on this site may only be reproduced with prior approval from KAMY and credit must be given to the source. 

Both KAMY and Cochrane are free from commercial interest, and therefore do not accept funding from any person or enterprise that would benefit financially from the information on the website.