KMC at home
Image source:Tribhuvandas Foundation Anand (Gujarat)

In Malaysia, most, if not all babies are born at a hospital or maternity clinic. Home delivery is rare and probably occurs when the mother did not manage to get to the hospital on time. These babies might be term or preterm. If a preterm birth happens at home, then starting KMC immediately and while on the way to the hospital is probably the most important thing to be done to ensure the baby survives.

Here are two champion survivors from India with their mother. They were twins born early at 28 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 850 g (1st twin) and 760 g (2nd twin). Their mother started KMC when they were 14 days old and continued doing KMC at home till when they were almost 1 year old. At the time this photo was taken (aged 4 years and 8 months), they have grown normally just like other children of the same age. 

What do I need to start KMC at home?
Advantages of doing KMC at home

Should I continue doing KMC at home after my baby is discharged?

Yes, you certainly can continue doing and benefitting from KMC after going home from the hospital with your baby.

If my baby was born in a hospital that did not practice KMC, can I start at home? 

Yes certainly. It may not always be possible but it is best to find someone professional to help you get started. Contact us and we may be able to help with this.

Although the adult who is performing KMC is able to do other household duties during KMC, there might be some situations that might not be safe. For example, cooking on a hot stove. Avoid doing KMC on wet surfaces such as in a wet bathroom, avoid bending forward or squatting  down during KMC. 

If a mother chooses to sleep with the baby in KMC position, she should sleep in a reclined or semi-recumbent position, about 15 – 30 degrees above ground, and have someone watching over them.

Father and baby sleeping in KMC position
Mother and baby sleeping in KMC position

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